Three Sisters Curriculum 

This 4-day unit guides students to make predictions and understand the reciprocal relationships between corn, beans, and squash, known as Three Sisters plantings. The unit is designed around standards from grades 5 & 6 (Minnesota State Standards). This unit is designed for 45-minute classes.

Students learn about the history and cultural significance of the Three Sisters planting methods and work through lessons to understand their ecological interdependence and create customized illustrations of those plants using the Scratch coding platform. 

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Iskigamizigan: Sugar Bush Curriculum

This unit, designed for grades 5-7, explores the traditional practice of Iskigamizigan (Sugar Bush) and the use of micro:bits for data collection and analysis in maple sap production over 6 - 10 instructional days. Students will learn about the cultural and historical significance of maple syrup production in Native American communities, as well as the importance of good stewardship and gratitude towards the earth. Through hands-on activities, students will practice tapping trees, monitoring sap volume, boiling sap, and analyzing data to improve their sugar bush practices. They will also discuss the role of technology in modern-day sap production and reflect on the balance between tradition and innovation in preserving natural habitats. By the end of the unit, students will have a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between culture, nature, and technology, and be inspired to make positive changes in their relationship with the environment. 

By the end of this unit, students will be able to

  • use a micro:bit to create and modify programs related to traditional Native American sugar-making processes.
  • develop a data collection plan for maple sap collection and analyze the collected data to improve sugar bush practices.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the maple syrup production process and reflect on the connection between technology, culture, and the natural world. 

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Inclusive computer science pedagogy is a pedagogical approach that acknowledges, celebrates, and incorporates the diverse identities of students in the field of computing. These resources were designed to help teachers in supporting all students to be successful in learning computing in their classrooms.